P & H Supplies Service Department offers a range of services:

» Contact the service department for all your service needs.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, T-Cheques, Debit and Cash.

Mechanics and Custom Fabricating

P & H Supplies provides complete mechanical service for commercial transport vehicles. We are a certified Cummins Parts and Service Dealer.

We provide custom fabricating for all your commercial transport vehicle needs. We manufacture logging trailers and accessories for commercial transport vehicles. Visit our FreFlyt site for more information.

Towing and Recovery

We offer 24 hour towing and recovery service for commercial transport vehicles. We tow where ever you need to go.

Call 250-567-9266 or 1-800-373-3598 to access our towing and recovery service.


P & H Supplies offers in-shop and mobile welding services for all your needs. We also offer custom welding for all types of jobs, from a simple fix to modifications and fabrications. Contact us to learn more about our welding service.